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Fid Mella used his dad’s prog-rock records to create a very interesting sounding instrumental hip-hop album. Nice King Crimson inspired artwork! Listen to some snippets to get a taste of the album. Here’s a free track from the album:

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Bugseed’s first LP wil be re-released on vinyl later this month by Independent Beatcasting x Manhattan Records. You can still download the digital version on bandcamp. Check out Bugseed’s blog post for info on where to pre-order.

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Some excellent t-shirt designs by Staxowax clothing.

With fun and exciting designs, we have created a brand suitable for unique individuals. Whether you love music, vinyl records, making beats, or are just someone who shares the same passion as we do towards the keep diggin’ mentality, Staxowax is for you. Keep Diggin’.

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This came out a while ago, but is still well worth posting. It’s a mini documentary about crate-digging and beat-making produced by bcescapades.com.

The TGE project was a collaboration with Velvet Music in the Netherlands. It all started as a crate-diggers day out we set up at the Velvet Vinyl Outlet were we interviewed a bunch of well known and upcomming Dutch producers on sampling based hip-hop.

The documentary is in Dutch, but even if you don’t understand Dutch it’s still worth your time because the production value is great.

Make sure to also listen to the accompanying music created by the likes of Bluntspeakers, Highless, RoyalMugls, Bluntsports, DM2M, Ciph Barker, MOD the black marvel, Godzwrath, Rare Villains, INCREDIBLEEMP1 & Def Dreadda.

While you at it, also check bcescapades.com ! Here are some direct links to dope beat tapes they’ve posted recently:

Gamere – Vortex
Krikit Boi – Filthy Crates Vol. II

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A documentary movie of 4 Track makers from Osaka Japan create brand-new sounds from dusty thrift store vinyls within 1,000 JPY.

Via dublab.com

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Nice little interview by WEDIDIT.

Dakota Greaves aka Bluezr, is a very elusive guy. The best indication that he’s still alive is to check his site every so often, in which you’ll find a new mixtape faster than some people can spell “ihopehe’stillhere.”

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Onra on the last day of his recent US tour. Nice video in which he talks about his vision on hip-hop and the pursuit for innovation in his music.

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