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Mecca:83 recently released a new EP entitled “The Life Sketches EP”. A little background info on Mecca:83:

Mecca:83 (or Rise/REdefinition depending on who you ask), better known to his friends as Evan Jone, is a beat technician, remixer and semi professional crate digger. He began making music in high school when he & a friend co-purchased a tascam tape recorder from their local Pawn Shop. Cue long adolescent summers making stop-tape beats on his parent’s hi fi before graduating to an SP303 and an Akai S950 at university.

With his new new project, Mecca continues from where the previous “3 For Free” EP left off. Expect to hear soulful instrumental beats fused with a healthy dose of analog synthesis, drawing influence from the golden era sounds of Pete Rock as much as the current instrumental beat scene.

Here is my favorite track from the EP. A beautifully crafted and well-rounded track with lots of detail.

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