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This is one of my favorite beats, ever. Check out my other post about it.

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Five nice chilled out beats by SH∆IN C∆W. Reminds me a bit of DJ Spinna’s beats…

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This is a dope remix. Just listen to it, sounds really fresh in my opinion.

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Download the Mind Joe Remixes from the Project Mooncircle website. Here’s a little preview:

Joe Kickass – Akula (Weedy Remix)

[audio: http://www.beatheads.net/wp-content/uploads/audio/01%20Akula%20(Weedy%20Remix).mp3] Read More

[audio: http://www.beatheads.net/wp-content/uploads/audio/2 – The Ummah Remix(Feat. Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest).mp3] Read More

Dilla track number three. This is Jay Dee’s remix of Crustation’s Purple. The liner notes mention this was produced by The Ummah by the way. Copped this in a secondhand record store for 2 euros a couple of months ago. Enjoy.

[audio: http://www.beatheads.net/wp-content/uploads/audio/Crustation – Purple (A Tribe Called Quest Edit).mp3] Read More

This month I’ll try to post one Dilla beat every day. Let’s start with the remix of Nothing But Your Love.

[audio: http://www.beatheads.net/wp-content/uploads/audio/44 – toshi kubota nothing but your love.mp3]

This beat can also be heard in the Slumvillage soundcheck footage that was put up on YouTube recently. Click Read More below for the video.

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New release by Emoce. Eleven really dope tracks, including a crazy pitched down Erykah Badu remix. Big up! Make sure to also visit the Creme de la crack website!

<a href="http://cremedelacrack.bandcamp.com/album/its-the-crack">It&#8217;s The Crack by Creme de la crack</a>

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