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Cool video about the return of cassette tapes. Imagine all the obscure stuff you’ll able to find and sample. Never really thought about it.

Brooklyn’s Music scene is bringing back the good old Compact Cassette. The Tape is spinning again – it’s the medium to draw musical inspiration from and to record and sample on.


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Posted the other mix they did for BTS Radio a couple of months ago. Now Letherette is back with another very nice mix.

One of the most refreshing acts of recent years, Letherette’s blend of hip-hop, house and ’80s funk & soul have garnered them a devote cult following. Last year’s Brownswood Recordings’ Brownswood Electr*c feature, remixes for Solar Bears and Fur, rounded out by their first official EP release, was just a preview of what’s to come. There’s so much more.


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