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Nice little interview with Flying Lotus. Read the accompanying article at Dazed Digital.

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This video was made by OL. Satellite Voices interviewed him and several other Russian artists.

There’s a new future beats scene exploding worldwide and it’s coming from Russia. Lo-fi and nasty, with sublime electronics and a thumping lust for bass, artists like Pixelord, DZA and OL are leading a new sonic revolution to rival the Low End Theory of those cosmic LA beat bethrens or the UK’s post dubstep dons.

On Error Broadcast you’ll find links to all the interviews.

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Nice little interview by WEDIDIT.

Dakota Greaves aka Bluezr, is a very elusive guy. The best indication that he’s still alive is to check his site every so often, in which you’ll find a new mixtape faster than some people can spell “ihopehe’stillhere.”

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Interesting interview with Flying Lotus by The Daily Swarm. He talks about inspiration, collaborations, his ambition to make films, etc.

I feel like when I make music, I’m not here. My best stuff is all the stuff that happens organically in a few minutes time. It’s not something that I just keep hammering out for years or whatever: I’ll get the gist for the tune in, like, twenty minutes, and all the rest is like, sprinkles, you know? Something happens when I stop thinking.

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