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February, 2011 Monthly archive

Essential documentary about hip-hop, mostly focused on graffiti. This is one of my favorite documentaries and it’s up on YouTube now in 25 small parts. Really recommended!

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Nice compilation by Yel-owe Records featuring (mostly) unknown artists from Japan.

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Here are some great mixes by AME. They contain a lot of original samples as used by J Dilla on The Shining, Ruff Draft, Jay Loves Japan, Vintage, Welcome To Detroit and many more… I used to listen to these mixes all the time when commuting to Amsterdam.

AME – Shining Back
AME – Donuts, The Blueprints


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Cool video about the return of cassette tapes. Imagine all the obscure stuff you’ll able to find and sample. Never really thought about it.

Brooklyn’s Music scene is bringing back the good old Compact Cassette. The Tape is spinning again – it’s the medium to draw musical inspiration from and to record and sample on.


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Well, this is different

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This track is from Leroy Hutson’s album “Hutson II”. Seems appropriate for today 🙂

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Benji B BBC 1Xtra Jay Dilla Inspirations show first aired February 2007.

Benji B | J Dilla Inspirations Selections Show, BBC 1Xtra February 2007 by Benji B

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